Aloha Acres Rowdys Candy Sweet (AMHA pending)

1997 TIMBER RIDGES SOXY GIRL (AMHA A92219 AMHR 254539A) 30.5"

Sire: Timber Ridges Ikey

Dam: Timber Ridges My Girl
Daughter of SLJ Mighty Mouse


2005 Happy Times Renegades Summer Breeze (AMHA A160108 AMHR 260516T) 32"

Sire: Little Gems Apache Renegade
Son of Jefferson Halls Geronimo

Dam: Happy Tracks Farms's Summer Melody
Daughter of Ohio's Little Sugarfoot


2004 Happy Times Touch of Hope (AMHA A151229 AMHR 252205A) 31.5"

Sire: Little Americas Traveller
Son of Glenns Southern Rouge

Dam: Trotting CS Rockin Robin


2001 Rocking R Gypsy (AMHR 220540A) 33.75"

Sire: Laurel Creeks Superstar
Son of NFCS Moon Shadow

Dam: Kennys III Mini Value

Ramakers China Doll (AMHA A109442 AMHR 201530A)

Sire: Brewers Orion Sable
Dam: Ramakers Fine China


2000 Carlson's Velvet Susie 32" AMHR 211466A

Sire: HH Night Warrior

Dam: Carlson's Black Velvet


2003 Lucky Four Storms Natasha 30.5" AMHA A139905 AMHR 242909A

Sire: Lucky Four Skippa Snow Storm

Dam: Lucky Four Rebels Blazen Bay



AMHA 103129 foaled 04/10/99

Sire: Grosshill Egyptian King Tut

Dam: RFM Foxfires Fancy Me

Nile Queen is a granddaughter of National Champion Hemlocks Brook Egyptian King

AMHA 139027 foaled 06/27/02

Sire: YR Spirit of Sminole Wind

Dam: Roayal Oaks Magical Sugar

Her grandsire is National Champion Bended Knee Seminole Wind
Reeces Apache Maiden
Swinging B Pegasus Ginger
Midnight Star
Little Kings Spanish Rose
Bar MS Sandee Dee

1999 30.5" AMHA A108260

Sire: NFCS Little Horse

Dam: D Bars DS G IM Good
Little Critters Spice

1995 29.75" AMHR 66119A

Sire: Stouts Peter Pan

Dam: Cottontails Surprise
Dillards HHH Spirit of McNugget

2000 28.5" AMHA A111819

Sire: Mustardseeds McNugget

Dam: Hubers Victoria
Dillard Sugar and Spice

2001 31" AMHR 217747A

Sire: Honeysuckle Ranch Jullio man

Dam: Little Critters Spice
Galloping G Trinity

1999 30" AMHA A102240

Sire: HSF Sensational Mighty Mouse

Dam: Jones Radiant Light
Bissel Mounds Pip Squeaky

1998 28.5" AMHA A94526

Sire: Grosshills Little Maverick

Dam: Lakeside Daisy Mae
Dillards Echos Princess

1998 28" AMHA A93121 AMHR 91021A

Sire: Swee*censored*ers Little Gold Alert

Dam: Echo Falls Rennie
Fox Hollow Isle of Palms Princess

2004 30.5" AMHA A153358

Sire: Checkmate Flashing Fury

Dam: Fox Hollow Jamaica Girl
Dillards Maggie McNugget

2000 30" AMHA 113655

Sire: Mustardseeds McNugget

Dam: Swee*censored*ers Little Flame Too
Dillards HHH Eve of McNugget

2000 30" AMHA A111821 AMHR 203411A

Sire: Mustardseeds MCNugget

Dam: Echos Falls Rennie
Dillards HHH Harvest Moon

2000 32.5" AMHA A117336 AMHR 207598A

Sire: Brass Rail Forerunner

Dam: Happy Tracks Farms Starina
Boones Cover Girl

2002 31.25" AMHA 135430 AMHR 272939A

Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo Legacy

Dam: Jefferson Halls Pumpkin
Dalmar Boogermans Angel From Heaven

2007 AMHA A178354

Sire: All Small Farm Boogerman Reflection

Dam: RFM Charlies Angel
Bite Size Love To Boogie

2002 30" AMHA A136112

Sire: LAZY NS Boogerman

Dam: SG True Love